Academic Supports

  • Academic Resource

    Academic Resource is designed for students needing to make up work or to acquire special help. Academic Resource is available Saturday 8 a.m. to noon. 


    Advanced Options at Valley Southwoods

    Four advanced or compacted core courses are offered for eligible students at Valley Southwoods Freshman High School. 

    Deciding to take an advanced class is a challenging and exciting decision to make.  Most often the best decisions are made when they are well informed and considerate of as many sources of information as possible.  Prospective students are encouraged to consider input from their parents/guardians, current and former teachers, counselors, and administration. Students should anticipate that Advanced courses are often conducted at a quicker pace with compacted learning experiences. Students should expect a rigorous learning environment.  Please consider the following when weighing a decision to take an advanced class. 

    Enrollment Considerations

    • A pattern of strong classroom performance

    • Supportive assessment performance  Examples: Iowa Assessments, Cognitive Abilities Test, Belin-Blank, Summative Assessment Tools (Final Course Exams)

    • Student ability to self-advocate

    Key Learner Characteristics

    • High interest in learning academic subject at an advanced level

    • Positive attitude about engaging in challenging academic work both at school and outside of school

    • Successful managers of their time (able to multitask, to prioritize activities, to make deadlines, and to balance academic & extracurricular activities well)


    Students who narrowly miss the eligibility requirements may appeal the decision to their junior high principal. The deadline for appeals for students currently enrolled in the district is the last day of the third quarter. No changes will be made after this deadline. 

    English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) Program

    ESOL courses may be counted as fulfilling language arts elective requirements if the ESOL teacher instructing the course holds a Language Arts endorsement. If an ESOL course is not counted as a Language Arts elective because of endorsements, it will count as general elective credit. With the exception of the special provisions stated above, students in the ESOL program must meet all graduation requirements of Valley High School in order to receive a diploma..

    Learn more about ESOL

    Gifted/Talented (GT) Program

    Students identified to receive direct Gifted/Talented services may enroll in GT Seminar. (Specific details are provided under information for Unique Programs & Courses.)

    Learn more about GT


    The school district each year compiles a list of individuals qualified to tutor high school students in the various academic areas. This list is available in the Counseling Center.

    Special Education Program

    Special education services are determined for individual students by a staffing team consisting of the parents, school staff, and Heartland AEA representatives. The district provides a broad continuum of services to assist students with disabilities.

    Learn more about Special Education


    Success Center (Valley)/Learning Lab (Vallley Southwoods)

    The Success Center and Learning Lab are designed for students who are behind in credits, not progressing towards graduation, or who have been recommended by their counselor. (Specific details are provided under information for Unique Programs & Courses).

Last Modified on December 9, 2022