Graduation Requirements

  • To graduate from Valley High School, you must have a minimum of 48 credits, including 4 P.E. credits. One credit of physical education will be taken each year of high school. The specific requirements are as follows:

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English and Language Arts (8 credits)

    • Accelerated Literature & Composition/Fundamentals of Writing (2 credits) fulfills the ninth grade Language & Literature requirement and the 10th grade Fundamentals of Writing; students must meet entrance criteria.
    • Debate I/Public Speaking (2 credit courses) fulfills the Speech Communication graduation requirement and the Language Arts elective.
    • Speech Composition (2 credits) fulfills the Speech requirement and the Fundamentals of Writing requirement.
    • Students need to verify Valley course selection to ensure that they meet Language Arts requirements for their post-secondary school of choice.

Fine Arts (1 credit)

Mathematics (6 credits)

Physical Education (4 credits)

  • Students earn .5 credits per semester. They must take a CPR course that consist of components that could lead to CPR certification. All students will be required to obtain credit in P.E. during each school year of attendance as a requirement for graduation. Exemptions will be granted in accordance with law and policy.

Science (6 credits)

  • Beginning with the class of 2023, students will be required to complete six credits of science to graduate. Advanced Physical Science fulfill the Physical Science requirement

Social Studies (6 credits)

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