Open Enrollment

  • The Open Enrollment law permits parent/guardians in one district to request open enrollment in another district based on Iowa code. The application is made to a school district, not a specific school in that district. However, the parent or guardian may request a school. Additional information is available at the Iowa Department of Education.

    Application Procedures

    • Step 1: You may obtain an application in person at the Learning Resource Center, 3550 Mills Civic Parkway, West Des Moines, IA 50265 or download an application.

    2022-23 Application PDF

    2023-24 Fillable PDF Application PDF

    2022-23 Open Enrollment Handbook

    • Step 2: Complete the application.

    • Step 3: Return application(s) to both districts (the district in which you currently live and to the district in which you wish to enroll). To send an application to the WDMCS, please address it to:

      WDMCS/Administrative Services
      Attention: Peggy Epstein
      3550 Mills Civic Parkway
      West Des Moines, IA 50265


  • Contact Us

    Peggy Epstein
    Superintendent Secretary

    Learning Resource Center
    3550 Mills Civic Parkway
    West Des Moines, IA 50265


    Area School District and State Contacts

    • Des Moines: 515-242-7353
    • Johnston: 515-278-0470
    • Norwalk: 515-981-0676
    • Urbandale: 515-457-5006
    • Waukee: 515-987-5161
    • Iowa Department of Education: 515-281-8582

Moving From WDMCS

  • Families who move from WDMCS may apply for open enrollment to remain in WDMCS. This application must be filed within 45 days of the address change. When an open enrollment request is approved or denied, the receiving district will notify the resident district and the family within 15 days of school board action. 

General Information

    • Special Education – Be sure to indicate whether or not the student is in a special education program.
    • Siblings – Approval for one child in a family does not guarantee approval for other children in the same family. Each child in a family must have an open enrollment request filed.
    • Requesting a Specific School – A specific school may be requested with the understanding the district doesn’t have to honor the request. Building assignments will be reviewed each year following registration.
    • Transportation – Parent/guardians must provide transportation. To learn if you meet economic eligibility requirements, apply with resident district for transportation assistance.
    • Change of Residence – Notify both districts if there is a change in the residence of the student during the open enrollment period.
    • Terminating Open Enrollment – notify both districts in writing.
Last Modified on April 28, 2023