About Crestview School of Inquiry

  • Jon Mendoza

    A Message From Principal Mendoza

    Dear Crestview Community, 

    I am Jon Mendoza, the new director here at Crestview School of Inquiry. On behalf of the entire staff at Crestview, I extend a warm welcome to both new and returning families, as well as our eager students. I have heard nothing but wonderful things about our amazingly unique and tight-knit community, staff, students, and parents. 

    Crestview School of Inquiry implements the project-based learning (PBL) framework that encourages all learners to take ownership of their learning by building skills necessary for collaboration, communication, creativity, critical thinking, and problem solving. Students master the core standards through authentic, real work problems, which provide for deep learning opportunities. 

    As in the past, we will continue our commitment to helping all students learn at high levels with high expectations through relevant learning experiences. Our dedicated staff will continue to refine their instruction with innovative teaching methods to ensure an engaging and impactful education experience for ALL students. My mission is to empower all that we serve, build collective efficacy, and create equitable access and outcomes for ALL learners. We will strive for our students to feel a strong sense of community and belonging through incorporation of  student voice, choice, ownership, and  authenticity. We will create a family atmosphere and have an outstanding culture and climate in our building for students, staff, and families alike. I am fully committed to the success of Crestview, and I look forward to partnering with you to make this school year an amazing year for OUR children.

    Jon Mendoza

    PBIS at Crestview

    • At Crestview, we use PBIS: Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports to support and improve student behavior and to foster a positive learning environment.  Respect, Responsible, Safe, and Collaborative attributes are taught, modeled, and celebrated. There is an action team of teachers focused on the implementation and reinforcement of the program. 

      Ways that PBIS is used with students include: 

      • School-wide PBIS assembly connected with one of the six behavior competencies.
      • Fitness Friday
      • Tiger Paw Store
      • The Zones of Regulation

      Other mediums that are used to create a positive learning environment and foster Social Emotional Health (SEH) include:

      • Morning meetings
      • Direct teaching of the 6 SEH competencies
      • Soft Starts
      • Restorative practices
      • Direct teaching, modeling, and providing feedback related to the Essential Life Skills


Meet the Crestview School of Inquiry Staff

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Crestview Information

  • Crestview History

    On opening day in December 1961, Crestview Elementary students found themselves surrounded by unpaved streets on a crest of land with a beautiful view in every direction. It was due to our surroundings that Crestview got its name.

    A dairy farm was adjacent to the playground, which prompted the recess rule, “Don’t go near the fence when the cows are out.”

    Crestview Elementary, along with Clive Elementary (now Clive Learning Academy), became part of the West Des Moines Community Schools as the result of a merger vote in July 1962. Crestview has had 10 principals. Harlan Hayek was Crestview's first principal followed by Jim Tussey, Beverley Roach, Jim Mayse, Martha Davis, Dr. Robert G.  Davis, Doug Stilwell, Kevin Fangman, and John Villotti. Tamara Tjeerdsma is the current principal.

    In 2015-16, Crestview Elementary became a Project-Based Learning school and changed its name to Crestview School of Inquiry. Students learn through real-world projects, and all children are assigned a personal digital device.

    Since the fall of 1991 when Crestview became a three-section building, the school has had full enrollment in virtually all grade levels.