Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity

  • Six actions for equity are driving current diversity, equity, and inclusion work in the West Des Moines Community Schools: 

    1. Schedule anti-racist listening sessions in person, online, and anonymous feedback for students, families, and staff.
    2. Hire a full-time WDMCS Equity Director that has a rich set of diverse experiences and a clear understanding of issues around racial inequalities.
    3. Engage in learning at Board workshops and discuss race.
    4. Create an advisory group of students, families, and staff to review data and guide our efforts.
    5. Board and leadership will engage in equity audits and data deep dives to identify barriers to opportunity for students of color.
    6. Review and evaluate the culture and tone of the necessity of SROs in WDMCS.

    The West Des Moines Community Schools Board of Education unanimously approved the Board and administrative leadership commitment to these six actions for equity in June 2020. The actions were approved following ongoing equity training and dialogue in the district, as well as the national and global movement for racial equity and social justice.

    Read More: WDMCS Board, Administration Commit to Actions for Equity

    Feb. 8 Time-Task Plan Update

    In line with action step 2, WDMCS created a new position: the Executive Director of Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity. The district hired Anthony Ferguson, Jr., Ed.D., as the first executive director in August 2020. 

    Learn more about Executive Director Anthony Ferguson, Jr., Ed.D.


  • Building Equity Leads

    • Clive Learning Academy: Morgan Miller
    • Crestview School of Inquiry: Brenda Ortner
    • Crossroads Park Elementary: Christie Engelbert
    • Fairmeadows Elementary: Abby Purdom
    • Hillside Elementary: Chelsea Hayes
    • Jordan Creek Elementary: Barb Tigges
    • Western Hills Elementary: Sheryl Reed
    • Westridge Elementary: Elizabeth Riche
    • Indian Hills Junior High: Jessica Novelli
    • Stilwell Junior High: Sarah Cooper
    • Valley Southwoods Freshman High School: Ann Miles
    • Valley High School: Erin Perry 
    • Walnut Creek Campus: Leah Lingren
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