Positive Behavior Intervention Support At Stilwell

  • Positive Behavior Intervention Support (PBIS) is a proactive approach that schools use to improve school safety and promote positive behavior. The focus of PBIS is prevention, not punishment. At its heart, PBIS calls on schools to teach students positive behavior strategies, just as they would teach about any other subject — like reading or math.


  • Stilwell’s Three Cornerstones

    1. Do your Best (Use Time Wisely, Positive Attitude, Ask for Help Appropriately)
    2. Do the Right Thing (Be Ready to Learn, Follow Classroom Expectations, Follow Tech)
    3. Treat others the way you want to be treated (Respectful Tone, Word Choice, Respect Space and Differences)


    Celebrations and Recognition

    Our reward system is called PBIS rewards in which students receive PBIS points electronically, those points are used to purchase items or activities from our school store.  Students may also be celebrating through our Tiger of the Month.  Teams of teachers and students work together to recognize each other based on a specific Stilwell Cornerstone.  As a building we also celebrate our teachers and students through the use of raffles.

  • Tiered Instruction

    1. Tier 1: Universal Instruction- Instruction for all students. Lessons are provided for students in Tiger Time and address school expectations,relationship skills, social emotional learning, communication, and executive functioning school skills. 
    2. Tier 2: Specialized Instruction- Small group instruction, Check in/Check out for individual students, Circles and restorative practices. 
    3. Tier 3: Individualized Instruction- Interventions for individual students based on function of behavior and teaching appropriate replacement behavior. 


  • Three Tiers

Last Modified on March 11, 2021