• WDMCS Community Education Classes

    At WDMCS Community Education, we promote growth and a sense of community by providing learning opportunities for everyone.

    Early Childhood

    Early Childhood opportunities are offered through our ParentQuest program. These classes are geared toward parents of young children, birth through preschool.


    Our Adventures program has engaging classes, fun teachers, and enriching experiences for K-8 students after school, in the evenings, and on the weekends.

    Our Summer of Learning programs provide fun and enriching educational experiences during the summer months for students completing grades K-12.


    ParentQuest provides a wide variety of opportunities for parents and other caring adults as they navigate each child’s unique path to success in school and life.

    Teach a Class with Us!

    We are always looking for new teachers and learning opportunities. Do you have something to offer? If you have an idea or would like to teach a class, please fill out a proposal form, or contact Sue Otte, continuing education coordinator.

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    Continuing Education Coordinator

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    Administrative Assistant

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