• WDMCS welcomes visitors and volunteers to its school buildings. Visitors are individuals who come to watch an assembly, eat lunch with their student, or visit their student’s classroom. Typically, visitors arrange 24 hours in advance when they wish to meet with a classroom teacher and limit their visits to a short period of time. It is important that they do not interfere with the class in progress or discuss individual concerns when students are present. Young children and/or students must be accompanied by an adult when visiting.

      Volunteers are often asked to help with a project at school. There are many choices for volunteers, including classroom assistance, participation in building and activity support groups, and service on districtwide or
      building committees. You may obtain more information about sharing your time and skills by calling our office.

      Volunteers may be subject to additional screening processes. Both visitors and volunteers enter the building through the front door and check in at the office to pick up a visitor badge every time they visit. Please bring your personal identification with you. Examples of personal identification include a state-issued ID, passport, military license, Mexico Consular ID card, and Permanent Resident card. Your ID will be run through a screening process called Raptor. They will also be asked where they will be in the building. This helps school staff understand where individuals are in the event of an emergency. Individuals who do not pass the Raptor screening process will not be allowed into the building.

      Because WDMCS adheres to state and federal laws, all visitors and volunteers on school grounds must comply with the State of Iowa’s Senate File 482, which states individuals must use the restroom of their assigned gender at birth. All schools have multi-stall, gender-specific, and individual
      restrooms available.