Academic Supports at WCC

  • Walnut Creek Campus offers a variety of academic supports in order for students to meet with success. 

    PACE Caseworkers

    Walnut Creek Campus collaborates with PACE to provide a family-centered service component. The family-centered service component at Walnut Creek Campus is staffed with two full-time caseworkers. The caseworkers are available to support families and students year-round. Caseworkers provide academic and social-emotional support for students and their families. If families are in need of additional services outside of the school setting, they should consult with their student's caseworker.

    School Counselor

    The comprehensive school counseling program at Walnut Creek Campus is aligned with the Iowa Framework for School Counseling Programs and the American School Counseling Association (ASCA) National Model, which is recognized as best practice in the field of school counseling.  The program at Walnut Creek is managed by one full-time, licensed professional school counselor.  

    • Classroom Guidance: Classroom guidance activities are designed to build nationally recognized, developmentally-appropriate competencies in students, primarily in the career and personal-social content areas.   
    • Individual Student Planning: The school counselor helps all students plan for earning their high school diploma while also preparing for post-secondary opportunities of interest to each student.  
    • Responsive Services: The school counselor is available upon request to meet with students for individual counseling.  This is typically done on a short-term basis, with the goal of helping the student resolve a crisis or other issues at hand so that they may continue on with their day.  Other responsive services may include small group facilitation for particular issues that arise with multiple students.  
    • System Support: The school counseling program exists to help all students be successful in school and life through building competencies in the area of career, academic, and personal-social development.  

    504 Plans, ESOL, Gifted/Talented, and Special Education Programming

    These services are determined for individual students and are provided for those students who qualify. For more information about these supports, please contact Principal Dr. Kim Davis.