Indian Hills School Guidelines

  • Attendance

  • How to Call In a Student Absence + Make-Up Work

  • Beverages

  • Cell Phones and Communication

  • Student Behavior

  • Student Dress and Appearance

  • Visitors and Volunteers

  • Indian Hills Advisory/Homeroom Groups

    Students are assigned to an adviser group or homeroom called Tiger Time for the school year. These groups of students will be scheduled together periodically to teach the State of Iowa’s five Social Emotional Learning (SEL) competencies: self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision-making. Other topics will include digital citizenship, decision-making, executive functioning, and goal-setting. Students will also experience Encore which is the junior high system for MTSS (Multi-Tiered Systems of Supports) to support academics, behavior, and SEL through interventions and extensions.

  • Indian Hills Student Meals


    Adults: $3 (no reduced rate)

    • Students can select from a minimum of three entrée choices:
      • alternating main entrée choice;
      • cold breakfast consisting of cereal and toast;
      • yogurt and toast option.
    • Assorted flavors of 8 oz. milk.
    • Fruit and or vegetable choices including 100% juice.
    • Breads/grains in the form of cereal, toast, pancakes, etc., and/or meat or meat alternate.


    Adults: $4.85 (no reduced rate)

    • Students can select from a hot lunch option, cold lunch option, or a yogurt/granola and string cheese entree kit.
    • Choices also include a hot vegetable, cold fruits and vegetables, and their choice of milk (skim, skim chocolate, or 1%).
    • Students will pick the meal they would like as they go through the line (no preordering).
    • Students bringing lunch from home can supplement their meal with fruits, veggies, and milk (at least three items) from the cafeteria line.