• West Des Moines Community Schools administers a variety of assessments to provide students, parents, and staff members with performance information.

    Such information is used for:

    • identifying how and when to provide differentiated instruction.
    • monitoring student growth over time.
    • determining the extent to which students are meeting district and state standards.
    • providing data to help improve the curriculum and instruction.
    • assisting with the creation of staff goals.
    • assisting with the development of district and building goals.
    • analyzing trends at the state and national level. How does WDMCS compare?
    • providing high school students information for making post-secondary educational and vocational decisions.


    Effective Grading Practices

    We are committed to and are making strides toward improving our grading practices to ensure all students’ grades are a true picture of what they know and are able to do in each course.

    The purpose of grading is to communicate achievement relative to course standards to students and parents.

  • ACT Testing

    The ACT measures educational development in the areas of English, mathematics, reading and science reasoning.  This assessment measures the skills necessary for success in post-secondary educational settings, including students’ reasoning abilities and knowledge of subject matter fields.  If your student requires accommodations for testing under an IEP or 504 plan, contact the special education department at your school.

    All WDMCS 11th-grade students will automatically be registered to take the ACT for FREE. This format is ONLINE without a writing portion. Families who do not wish to have their student take the ACT may choose to opt-out. However, we encourage all students to take the assessment because it can provide helpful information to post-secondary education institutions.

    Opt-Out Form

    Test Date: Wednesday, February 28, 2024 during regular school hours at Valley High School and Walnut Creek Campus

    ACT Accommodation Information

    ACT Home Page

    ACT Academy

  • High School Testing

    WDMCS high school students may take a variety of assessments throughout their high school years to provide them, their parents/guardians, and their high schools’ staff with performance information.  Such information is used for:

    • placement in appropriate courses;
    • identifying the need for additional instruction;
    • monitoring student growth;
    • determining the extent to which students are meeting district and state standards;
    • providing information to enrich the curriculum and instruction;
    • providing information for making post-secondary educational and vocational decision.


Last Modified on December 14, 2023