High School (9-12) Program Overview

  • high school program overview

    High school students who choose WDMCS Online will receive a quality, comprehensive WDMCS education. Core classes, Advanced Placement (AP) classes, and college-level courses are all available options for the high school online learner. 

    One unique aspect of WDMCS Online for secondary students is the option to learn fully online or take some classes online and some in-person. Students must take at least THREE online classes to be enrolled in the WDMCS Online program.




  • High School Online Course Offerings

    **DMACC courses

  • Day in the Life of a High School Online Learner

    Enrolling in WDMCS Online is a year-long commitment, whether the student is taking a few online classes or their entire schedule is online. If a student does not make progress within one semester, the student, parents, and staff will meet to determine the best placement for the second semester.

    • Advisory: This is an advisory time to build student-to-student and student-to-staff relationships with a strong focus on Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) and social-emotional learning.
    • Classroom Virtual Meetings: Virtual learning will be conducted using Google Meet or Zoom. During virtual learning, teachers may provide direct instruction, review independent learning activities, engage students in class discussions, and collaborate as a group. Students will be instructed by an online teacher and their courses will be with other online learners. Unlike during the 2020-21 school year, students will not “remote into a classroom” for their classes.
    • Open/Independent Learning/Small Group Instruction/Office Hours: Students engage in their own independent learning tasks, following timelines set by teachers within courses. Students may engage in live online instruction to meet individual IEPs, English learner, and other specific needs. Teachers/counselors will schedule with individual or small groups of students. Teachers will host scheduled office hours to support student needs and may schedule small group virtual meetings, as needed. Students may schedule times to work virtually on group work (i.e. academics, clubs, activities, etc.).


    High School Schedule Overview

    Students who choose online will work with other online students and a teacher who will only teach online students during that period. Teachers in each class will take attendance through a variety of methods. Examples could include completing a task during independent work, verifying participation during a large group online meeting, etc. 

    Students who choose to enroll part-time in the online school will work with their counselor to schedule online courses.


    • 8:20 a.m. - 3:20 p.m.
    • Four periods: 80 minutes/period
    • Encore/Advisory: 40 minutes
    • Follow odd/even day schedule
      • Monday=Odd
      • Tuesday=Even
      • Thursday=Even
      •  (no more Black/Orange days)


    • 8:20 a.m. - 2:35 p.m.
    • Four periods: 80 minutes/period
    • No Encore/Advisory due to shortened day
    • Odd schedule (no more Black/Orange days)


    • 8:20 a.m. - 3:20 p.m.
    • Eight periods: 43 minutes/period
    • Lunch over fifth period


Additional Resources

High School Online Learning FAQs

  • How is attendance taken?

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    Teachers in each class will take attendance through a variety of methods. Examples could include completing a task during independent work, verifying participation during a large or small group online meeting, etc. Achievement is measured by a student’s participation throughout their learning, rather than solely on attendance.

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  • Why are high school students allowed to choose by semester online or in-person?

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    Because of the large variety of high school courses offered, not every course will be available online. Students who wish to enroll online must take at least THREE courses per semester online. The other courses can be completed in-person.

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  • How will I know if my student is receiving the same quality of instruction as in-person?

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    Students enrolled in WDMCS Online take part in all of the same standardized learning opportunities as in-person learners. All of the classes follow the same pacing guides and the curriculum of students learning within a school building.

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  • Is my student guaranteed a spot?

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    WDMCS Online will have a certain number of spots available based on how many students enroll in a grade or course. Students may be placed on a waiting list if a classroom or course is full. Additional sections may be added based on enrollment and teacher availability. 

    • Secondary (7-12): Space available is based on course size, with a minimum of 15 students per course.
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  • Will teachers be managing in-person and online students at the same time?

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    Teachers may have some sections they teach with all online students and others with all in-person students, but students will not "remote in" to classes.


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  • Will my student ever need to come into the building?

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    Yes. Your student will need to come into a school to take some standardized tests. Some courses may also require a student to come into the building to complete a lab or demonstrate proficiency in a particular content area that cannot be completed online. Families will be notified in advance so they can plan accordingly. 

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  • What platform will be used for students to connect online?

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    Canvas—a learning management system—streamlines all the digital tools and content that teachers and students love, creating a simpler and more connected learning experience for ALL students.

    • All online teachers will utilize Canvas as the learning management system.
    • Classroom teachers will add learning experiences and recorded mini-lessons to their Canvas course.
    • Teachers who instruct students in grades 6-12 will continue to use Canvas to record grades and feedback for the essential life skills.
    • Teachers will access various instructional tools, including textbook resources, YouTube videos, Edgenuity, etc.


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  • Will my student be able to participate in athletics/activities if they are enrolled in WDMCS Online?

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    Yes. WDMCS Online students who are able to come to on-site facilities may take part in sports, clubs, and co-curricular activities like debate, mock trial, school newspaper, student leadership, and more. Students are also eligible to participate in band, chorus, drama, orchestra, and school plays. 

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Last Modified on April 23, 2021