About WDMCS Online

  • The West Des Moines Community Schools (WDMCS) Online Learning Program—WDMCS Online—will provide exceptional online instruction for students in PK-12. 

    WDMCS Online offers families an alternative to our in-person classroom setting. While where students learn may be different, the quality of instruction and student support remains the same.  All courses are taught by licensed WDMCS teachers utilizing the district’s curriculum and the Iowa Academic Standards. Students engage in rigorous coursework and collaborate with their online peers through discussions and projects.

    Información escolar en línea

    Mah video hi zoh online sianginn kai duhthimnak

  • Which Students Should Consider WDMCS Online?

    Families should consider a variety of factors when considering the online environment for their student. 

    • Technology Skills & Access: Is my student at ease with technology? Do they have adequate internet access?
    • Work & Study Habits: Does my student work well independently without needing reminders or assistance to complete tasks or assignments? 
    • Learning Style: Is my student a self-directed learner? Will they reach out for support when needed? 
    • Interest & Motivation: Does my student have a strong interest in the content areas offered online? Are they motivated to complete assignments on time and remain undistracted when engaged online?
    • Support Services: Does my student have access to school-based counseling services? Do you as a parent have the time and resources to support your student to success in this online environment?

    How Can Parents Support an Online Learner?

    • Review work assigned to the student. 
    • Reserve a space for students to complete remote learning work.
    • Encourage students to get enough sleep.
    • Set sensible time limits for technology use. 
    • Connect with students about their learning.
    • Help students establish and follow regular daily routines.
    • Respect the student/teacher learning relationship.