WDMCS employs more than 1,200 community members who are committed to knowing and lifting every child and inspiring joy in learning.


Certified 673
Administrators 39

Support Staff

Teacher/Student Assistants 315
Custodians/Utility 52
Secretaries/Clerks 47
Nutrition Services 70
Noon Hour Supervisors 27
Bus Drivers 53
Study Hall Supervisors 7
Maintenance/Warehouse 14
Payroll/Accounting 8


Community Education (includes Kids West, building supervisors, office staff) 157
Supervisors/Specialists 35

Educational Profile
Percent of Staff

BA to BA+9 Graduate Credits 11.44%
BA+10 to BA+19 8.30%
BA+20 to less than MA 19.16%
MA to MA+14 25.85%
MA+15 to MA+29 14.71%
MA+30 or more 20.50%
Doctorates – Four teachers and four administrators have earned their doctorate.