Public Participation & FAQs

When may a citizen speak at a board meeting?
An open forum time when citizens may speak to the Board is conducted at the beginning of each regular meeting. A citizen must state his or her name and address for the public record and will have a limited time to speak. Iowa Open Meetings Law does not permit the board to take action on public comments on items not posted on the agenda. For more information, please see Board Policy 211.

How does an item get added to the agenda?
For an item to be considered for the agenda, interested citizens must submit items in writing to the Superintendent’s Office by noon on the Wednesday before the regular meeting. The request does not guarantee the item will be placed on the agenda. For more information, please see Board Policy 210.10.

What is closed session?
Regular and special board meetings are, by Iowa law, open to the public. There may be a portion of a meeting or all of a meeting that is operated as a legally closed session and not open to the public. Examples of items that may be dealt with during a closed session include student discipline, personnel issues, union negotiations, and administrative evaluations. For more information, please see Iowa Code Chapter 21.

Where can I see the minutes of the board meetings?
Official minutes of the school board meetings must be approved by the Board before they are made available to the public. Minutes of a meeting are generally approved at the next board meeting and then posted on our website.