Photo of Board of Education meeting table.

School Board

The West Des Moines Community Schools Board of Education is here to serve you and govern the school district.

  • The school board is made up of seven individuals representing the families and citizens of our community.
  • The members are elected at-large by residents of our district community.
  • They receive no compensation for their service.
  • Each school board member is elected for a term of four years. Terms are staggered to ensure continuity of leadership.
  • Elections are held bi-annually in odd-numbered years on the second Tuesday in September.

The role of the school board is to:

  • Set policy for the school district.
  • Select an executive officer and delegate to that officer the authority for carrying out the policies, plans, and administrative details.
  • Determine the operational efficiency of the schools not only in dollars and cents but also in the results of instruction.

WDMCS Board of Education Workshop—July 13, 2020


WDMCS Board of Education Meeting—July 13, 2020