Open Enrollment

Deadline for Next School Year

The deadline for applying for open enrollment is March 1 for the next school year.

Deadline for Students Entering Kindergarten or Based on Good Cause

Applications must be received by September 1. An application filed after March 1 that does not fall under any of the categories listed under Good Cause is not a “good cause” application and may be denied by the Board of Education.

Moving From WDMCS

Families who move from WDMCS may apply for open enrollment to remain in WDMCS. This application must be filed by September 1. The Associate Superintendent of Administrative Services may approve open enrollment applications that meet appropriate deadlines. If an application is denied, that action must be taken by the Board of Education.

When the open enrollment request is approved, the receiving district will notify the resident district and the parent within 15 days of school board action. A copy of the application form shall be filed with the Department of Education.