Causes for Denial

Open Enrollment

Applications may be denied by the Board of Education if:

  • A regular open enrollment request is filed after March 1 and does not qualify under the good cause provisions.
  • A request for an entering kindergarten student is filed after September 1.
  • A good cause request is filed after September 1.
  • A request for continuation is filed after September 1.

Expelled or Suspended Students

Open enrollment requests into the school district will not be approved for students who have been suspended or expelled. Requests will be considered after the student has been reinstated by the school district from which the student was suspended or expelled. If the student is expelled after the resident district has approved the open enrollment request and before the receiving district has acted, the receiving district may deny the request until the student is reinstated for attendance in the resident district.

Appeal Process

All appeals must be made in writing to an Iowa District Court in the county in which the primary business office of the district is located, unless the application for open enrollment claims harassment or if the child has a serious health condition that the resident district cannot adequately address. If the application is denied by the resident district for either of these reasons, the parent/guardian may appeal to the State Board of Education. All appeals must be postmarked within 30 days of the board decision.

The appeal letter must contain the following information:

  1. Name, address and daytime phone number of the person appealing.
  2. Name and grade level of child/children involved in the appeal.
  3. Name of the school district making the board decision that is being appealed.
  4. Date the local board decision was made. Brief statement of reasons why the decision is being appealed.
  5. Notarized signature of the person appealing the decision.
  6. Other information may be included if desired.