Open Enrollment

The Open Enrollment law permits a wide range of educational choices for students enrolled in schools in Iowa. A parent/guardian may request open enrollment to a district other than the district of residence if application deadlines are met and/or a good cause (as defined by law) exists. Additional information is available at the Iowa Department of Education.

Open Enroll to a District

The application is made to a school district, not a specific school in that district. However, the parent or guardian may request a school.

Open enrollment to a specific school in the WDMCS will be based on available space in elementary classrooms and reviewed following registration each year. The maximum class size allowed is 26 in grades K-3 and 28 in grades 4-6.


Students who are eligible to enroll in their district of residence, kindergarten through high school, are eligible for open enrollment. Students who move out of the WDMCS and have completed grade 10 may continue to attend school in this district without applying for open enrollment.


Parents are responsible for transporting children open enrolled to another district, however; district transportation may be available for open enrolled students. Please contact the Transportation Department at 515-633-4902 for further details.

Athletic Participation

Students who open enroll in grades 9-12 must wait 90 days to participate in interscholastic contests at the varsity level. For questions on eligibility, please contact the Iowa High School Athletic Association at 515-432-2011.

How to Apply