Online Enrollment FAQs

The application seems long and it takes a while to complete. Will it be this way every year?
For the first year, you will have to enter all of your information which does take time. In the future you will only need to review and update your information.

What if I need help filling out this information?
You can visit the Registrar’s Office at the Learning Resource Center. Office hours at 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. In addition, we will host several enrollment dates throughout the summer to help families whose primary language is not English and/or request additional support. The Learning Resource Center is located at 3550 Mills Civic Parkway, West Des Moines.

Do I need to put in the birth dates of guardians and other adults?
No, that is not a required field.

Can I enroll a new student while I am enrolling my returning students?
Yes. There is a place in the application that will allow you to add a new student.

How do I get rid of the red pop-up box that is informing me I have missed something so I can enter the answer?
If the box is in the way of where you need to click and answer a question, click right on the box and it will go away and allow you to type in your response.

If I mark “private” for my primary household number, does that mean my number will be excluded from the school directory?
No.  You will need to check the box on the “Do Not Release Information” portion of the enrollment. This section is near the end of the application.

What if I am not able to upload the documents requested?
You will need to take those items to your child’s school or the district registrar to complete your student’s enrollment.

How can I change the sequence of my contacts for each student? (Example:  Who will be called first?)
You need to pick the “blank” space on the drop-down menu for all of the contacts and then you can renumber them.

Do the health questions replace the paper Health Update that a parent fills out each year for each student?
Yes, it will. Your school nurse will be able to see all of the answers to your student’s health questions.

In the health section when I’m asked “In case of emergency, who should be called,” is that for a parent/guardian or an emergency contact?
You would put the parent/guardian’s name who should be called first in case of an emergency.

Will I need to enter all of the health information each year?
No, it will repopulate each year and you can update it. If additional health screenings on paper are required for your student, they will be provided by your school nurse.