Student Readiness Indicators

WDMCS established measures to help indicate that graduating students will be ready for post-secondary learning, careers, and life.

Each Student Ready for Post-Secondary Learning

Ensuring that WDMCS students will possess the skills and dispositions to succeed in post-high school graduation education and internships, including academic, technical, and/or experiential opportunities for professional development.

WDMCS students will be considered “Ready for Post-secondary Learning” when they earn the following academic indicators OR meet the standardized testing benchmarks outlined below.

Note: Grades indicate achievement relative to course standards or competencies.

Academic Indicators

  • Earn a GPA of at least 2.8
  • Plus at least one additional item from this list
  • Dual Credit College English and/or Math (A, B or C)
  • Algebra II (A, B or C)
  • Advanced Placement Exam (3+)
  • The Advanced Placement Course (A, B C)

Standardized Test Benchmarks (minimum scores)

  • SAT Exam: Math (530); Reading and Writing (480)
  • ACT Exam: English (18); Reading (22); Science (23); Math (22)
  • College Readiness Placement Assessment (determined by post secondary institution)

Other Factors Contributing to Post-secondary Learning Success:

  • Earning As, Bs, Cs;
  • FAFSA completion;
  • enrollment in career pathway course sequence;
  • college academic advising;
  • senior year math class;
  • completion of a math class after Algebra II;
  • percent of students taking AP courses

Each Student Ready for Careers

Equipping WDMCS students to enter into a highly complex, diverse, and evolving workforce.

WDMCS students will be considered “Career Ready” if they have identified a career interest and meet two of the benchmarks listed below:

  • 90% Attendance
  • 25 hours of Service Learning
  • Work-based Learning Experience (i.e. Collaborative Field Experience, Work Development)
  • Dual Credit Career Pathway Course
  • Two or more organized Co-Curricular/Extra Curricular Activities
  • Students entering the military upon graduation meet the passing scores on the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) for each branch of the military.
  • Acquisition of certifications (i.e. National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC), Microsoft Certification, Certified Nursing Assistant, etc.)

Other Factors Contributing to Careers Ready:

  • Successful completion of Career Cluster Finder via Naviance
  • Successful completion of Career and Academic Plan

Each Student Ready for Life

Endowing WDMCS students with the grit and perseverance to tackle and achieve their goals through a growth mindset that empowers them to approach their future with confidence and the social and emotional skills they will need for success in the future.

WDMCS students will be considered “Life Ready” when they meet one or more of the benchmarks listed below:

  • Proficiency with reported behaviors per course/grade band
  • Two or fewer office referrals
  • Successful completion of Strengths Explorer via Naviance

Other Factors Contributing to Life Ready:

  • Positive relationships with adults and peers in a student-centered, culturally responsive learning environment