Strategic Plan – Explaining What

We focus on our strategic goals.

Goal #1

Ensure the academic success for each student by integrating and improving strategies for powerful teaching and learning.


  • Develop, implement and make ongoing adjustments to a strategic plan to guide system improvement.
  • Provide high quality teaching and learning in every classroom.
  • Implement culturally responsive teaching practices in every classroom.
  • Implement effective assessment and grading practices.
  • Implement highly effective PLC processes and provide high quality professional learning.
  • Utilize data to support student learning and monitor progress within the WDMCS Balanced Assessment System (includes the new State ESSA Index).

Goal #2

Ensure the academic success for each student by managing and improving effective operations of the district.


  • Recruit, hire, and retain quality personnel.
  • Incorporate Human Capital Management system standards into the HR vision in alignment with the district strategic plan.
  • Develop and communicate a sustainable budget that supports our strategic goals.
  • Develop and implement a long-term facilities plan supporting learning to prepare students for college, careers and life.
  • Develop and implement a technology plan to support future learning.
  • Continue to implement and revise the comprehensive district safety plan, as well as review and assess various aspects of security and employee safety.
  • Embed culturally competent practices and an equity lens for decision-making throughout the organization.
  • Continue to ensure the district transportation fleet is safe and efficient.
  • Ensure nutritious meals meeting all of the state and federal standards are offered to all students, increase meal participation district-wide, and provide nutrition education opportunities in classrooms and cafeterias

Goal #3

Ensure the academic success for each student by collaborating and communicating with stakeholders.


  • Improve district communication and collaboration with stakeholders.
  • Engage families, staff and the community in district improvement initiatives.
  • Implement a marketing plan to advance our story of preparing students for college, careers and life.
  • Develop and implement the foundation and systems for collaborative work and culturally competent practices.
  • Continue to implement comprehensive Community Education programs and services that are aligned to district priorities.