An art class room with students and a teacher working on projects.

Guiding Principles

Continuous Improvement
We continuously develop new ways to measure and assess our effectiveness and the quality of our programs and services. Ongoing communication among students, staff, and families and the community results in new learning and improvement.

Personalized Learning
We commit to knowing each student an individual, providing meaningful and appropriate learning experiences in a caring environment.

Optimum Use of Resources
We value every person, place, and thing as a resource for building our learning community. We maintain accountability and responsibility while encouraging the creative and flexible use of these resources to support learning.

We create and strengthen relationships that support learning. The interrelationships among our programs, services, people, and other resources are vital to the success of our learning community.

We seek ways to learn about and understand the uniqueness of each person. We need differences to enrich our relationships, our community, and our quest for continuous improvement.