Temporary Bus Pass

For a variety of reasons, families may need to request a bus stop or bus route change for a short period of time (out of town, jury duty, etc.). In such cases, a temporary bus pass may be issued.

What To Do

  • Turn in a written request and registration form three weeks in advance of the requested change or addition.


  • Only the parent or legal guardian with custodial physical care can give permission for the student to ride another bus and go to another stop.
  • The student must already be a registered rider in the WDMCS.
  • There must be room on the bus the student will be temporarily riding.
  • The length of change cannot be less than one week (five working days) or greater than six weeks.
  • The student must be going to a designated bus stop on the route in the same school zone.
  • The student must follow student rider policy and is subject to bus disciplinary procedures.

Parent/Guardian Responsibility

Before a pass will be issued, the parent/guardian must provide:

  • Parent/guardian contact information
  • Medical information to the school in case of a medical emergency
  • Disciplinary contact

Transportation Office

The regular bus pass must be turned in to the Transportation Department in exchange for the temporary pass. The Transportation Department will hold the regular pass until the request has ended. The temporary pass must be turned in to the Transportation Department after the request has ended  to retrieve the regular pass.


A temporary pass will be generated and distributed at a cost of $25.