Facility Planning

The 2010 Facilities Improvement Plan was approved by the WDMCS Board of Education on March 29, 2010. The plan provides direction on the scope and sequence of facility improvements throughout the district that would be funded with the statewide sales tax and the Physical Plant and Equipment Levy.

The plan includes:

  1. A timeline with total cost estimates for all projects
  2. A financial summary (updated December 2010) of annual project costs and sources of funding
  3. The Asset Replacement Plan: a listing of infrastructure components in district buildings (HVAC systems, interior finishes, etc.), their estimated life span, and the timeline for replacement
  4. A narrative explanation of 14 projects with a matrix of cost estimates for components of each project. The matrix lists all items proposed for each site, although the Superintendency’s recommendation does not necessarily support every proposed component.

Elementary Facilities

Junior High Facilities

High School Facilities

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