School Meals

The West Des Moines Nutrition Department participates in United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Child Nutrition Programs. Our meals and snacks must meet the standards set forth by the USDA.

  • half the tray should be vegetables and fruits (1/2 cup servings of each)
  • age-appropriate calorie servings
  • a wide variety of vegetables, including dark green and red/orange vegetables and legumes
  • fat-free flavored and unflavored, and plain 1% milk
  • increasing whole-grain-rich products
  • less sodium
  • zero trans fats


Offered daily 30 minutes prior to the bell.

PricingTo qualify for the breakfast meal price, the meal must contain at least a ½ cup of fruit or vegetable and at least two other food items. Some menu offerings may count as more than one food item. For example, a breakfast sandwich counts as two items because it contains grains and meat. If the selections do not meet these requirements, all choices will be charged at the ala carte pricing.

Category First-Meal Price Second-Meal Price* Reduced Price
Elementary School $2 $2.30 30¢
Junior High and High School $2.10 $2.40 30¢
Adult $2.30 N/A N/A

What’s for breakfast?

  • Minimum of three entrée choices are available to choose from:
    • alternating main entrée choice;
    • cold breakfast consisting of cereal and toast;
    • yogurt and toast option.
  • Assorted flavors of  8 oz. milk.
  • Fruit and or vegetable choices including 100% juice.
    • Students may select both milk and juice if they like, but they must take one of them to be considered a reimbursable breakfast “meal.”
  • Breads/grains in the form of cereal, toast, pancakes, etc. and/or meat or meat alternate.


PricingLunch has specific requirements for the selections to qualify for lunch pricing.  If the selections do not meet these requirements, all choices will be charged at the ala carte pricing.  A qualifying lunch consists of three components, one of which must be a ½ cup of fruit or vegetable or a combination of fruits and vegetables to equal this amount.

Category First-Meal Price Second-Meal Price* Reduced Price
Elementary School $2.90 $3.60 40¢
Junior High and High School $3 $3.70 40¢
Adult $3.85 N/A N/A

What’s for Lunch?
Every day there are a minimum three entrée choices students can select from for lunch at elementary and additional entrée choices are available at secondary buildings. A hot entrée, a cold option, and a yogurt lunch are always available to choose from as well as a hot vegetable. Fruit and Veggie Bars are also available and students may self-select as many items as they would like from the fruit and veggie bars.

Lunch offerings consist of five components:

  1. assorted flavors of milk;
    • If a student does not take a meal but would still like milk, the cost is 50 cents.
  2. meat/meat alternate including choices such a yogurt or cheese
  3. breads/grains that may include pizza crust, breading on a chicken product, brown rice or a more traditional bread;
  4. fruit;
  5. vegetables.


Many of the schools in our district offer snack programs in conjunction with other programs such as the Kids West, After the Bell programs, and tutoring programs. These snacks are provided by the Nutrition Department and also must meet the nutritional standards set forth by USDA. Please contact your child’s individual school to find out what snack programs are available.

A La Carte Items

School cafeterias also offer a la carte items for purchase at breakfast and lunch. These a la carte items are not part of a lunch and may only be purchased if there is funds in the student’s account for them. The items will not count toward making “complete lunch”.

If you would like to restrict your child from being able to purchase these items, please create a restriction on your student’s account in Titan or call the Nutrition Department at 515-633-5085 to get assistance with adding a restriction.