WDMCS Bike Jersey Design Contest

We want YOU to submit a design for a West Des Moines Community Schools (WDMCS) custom bike jersey. We are excited to see our Tiger pride shown off on bike trails this summer. See design guidelines below.

Bike Jersey Design Guidelines

  • Deadline: Friday, April 20, 2018
  • Design Requirements:
    • Use the unisex jersey template to develop a design (can be sketched or computer-generated). If hand-drawn, the design may be altered to fit brand guidelines.
    • The design must include one of the activities logos AND the words “West Des Moines Community Schools.” (Reference style guide for fonts and colors.)
      • Do not alter logo designs except to enlarge or reduce the size.
      • No other graphics or text should touch the logo.
      • Any text must use one of the official fonts.
      • “West Des Moines Community Schools” cannot be placed close to any activity logos because the ones provided for this design contest are not the official academic district logo.
    • The design must include both a FRONT and BACK jersey design.
    • Designs must be submitted online by Friday, April 20.


  1. Who can submit a design?
    1. We are accepting designs from current WDMCS employees and students.
  2. How is the winning design selected?
    1. The School/Community Relations Office will manage all entries and coordinate with the Superintendent’s Office for a final selection.
  3. Can I submit more than one design?
    1. Yes. Up to three designs will be accepted per individual. All designs can be submitted through one online entry form.
  4. How will the winner be recognized?
    1. The individual whose design is selected will be recognized through WDMCS publications and on social media. The winner will also receive a free bike jersey. The cost of the jersey for the winning designer will not be paid for with district funds but through private donations.
  5. When will bike jerseys be available for purchase?
    1. The goal is to have the bike jerseys available for purchase before the end of the school year.
  6. How much will a bike jersey cost and where can I get one?
    1. The cost of the bike jersey will be determined once feedback is received regarding how many individuals would be interested in purchasing one. Jerseys will be available for purchase online.

Bike Jersey Template

WDMCS Activities Logos and Style Guide

Submit Design Online