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A committee of Valley High School and Valley Southwoods Freshman High School students along with Valley, Valley Southwoods, and district administrators, as well as members of the athletic, band, vocal, orchestra, and drama booster clubs, collaborated with Love Scott & Associates, a West Des Moines marketing firm, to create the activities logos. History, flexibility, and longevity were all considered. The activities logo is not the district or academic logo, but represents the district’s strong foundation of arts, athletics, and activities that provide a well-rounded learning experience for students.

Activities Logo Usage

All activity logos are trademarked. Any entity wishing to use the logos must comply with and have on file an approved trademark licensing agreement. All entities must also comply with our style guide, board policies, and administrative rules and regulations.

Please contact the School/Community Relations Department at 515-633-5023 for logo usage approval, a copy of a licensing agreement, or for logo services.

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WDMCS District and School Style Guides

Marks can be made specific to each activity and sport in the district. If you would like specific sport or activity logos, please contact Laine Mendenhall-Buck at 515-633-5023.

Board Policy 911 District and School Names/Logo Usage