Vendor List

Approved Vendor List

WDMCS will post updated WDMCS approved vendors online by the last business day of each month. If a vendor has applied and has been approved, but is not yet posted on the online list, they are not approved for use unless the WDMCS School/Community Relations Department has provided notice otherwise. 

Affiliate Vendors

(Alphabetical Order)

  • Affiliated vendors produce products for a district-sponsored activity/organization.
  • Affiliated vendors DO NOT produce products independently to sell in a store or online.
  • The district-sponsored activity or organization determines the price, distribution, and sale of the products, not the vendor.
  1. Academy Trophies & Awards, Screenprinting & Embroidery, Sales & Promotions
    Contact: Jennifer Eaton
  2. Adcraft USA/Temples Sports
    Contact: Dan Sullivan
  3. America’s Best Apparel, Inc.
    Contact: Sue Harmon
  4. Breedlove’s Sporting Goods
    Contact: Cal Breedlove
  5. Broken Arrow T-Shirt Printing & Embroidery
    Contact: Mary Sample
  6. Christian Edwards Print & Graphics
    Contact: Hasan Ahmed
  7. Custom Sportswear, Inc.
    Contact: Ron Duzenski
  8. Decker Sporting Goods
    Contact: James Hendricks
  9. Doerrfeld Promotions
    Contact: Paul Doerrfeld
  10. Envision
    Contact: Bryan Mours
  11. Iowa Ortho
    Contact: Meagan Thompson
  12. It’s Greek To Me
    Contact: Jaime Bohnenblust
  13. Jess Lynn Creations
    Contact: Jessica Lehman
  14. johnnie-O
    Contact: Brad Wuhs
  15. Outback Embroidery
    Contact: Tasha Schwingendorf
  16. P&M Apparel
    Contact: Kay Ferin
  17. Patriot Apparel, Inc.
    Contact: Cari Wagner
  18. Quality Traffic Control
    Contact: Nate Donald
  19. Raygun
    Contact: Emma Rink
  20. School Tee Factory
    Contact: Ron Duzenski
  21. Signarama Urbandale
    Contact: Andy Woodley
  22. Sticker Mule
    Contact: Chris Russo
  23. The Side Garage
    Contact: Ashleigh Leon
  24. The Vinyl Studio
    Contact: Ashton Temple
  25. Varsity Spirit Fashions & Supplies LLC
    Contact: Hannah Steen
  26. Wee’s Tees, LLC
    Contact: Randy Wee
  27. Westwood Embroidery
    Contact: Carla Wilson

Non-Affiliate Vendors

Non-affiliated vendors may or may not work directly with any district-sponsored activity or organization AND are not associated with the District.

  • produce apparel, promotional signs, or other items independently and for vendor profit.
  • must pay a royalty percentage of all revenues received for the sale of goods and services tied to the WDMCS brand, as spelled out in the non-affiliate licensing agreement.
  1. Jess Lynn Creations
    Contact: Jessica Lehman
  2. Outback Embroidery
    Contact: Tasha Schwingendorf
  3. Team Fitz Graphics
    Contact: Justin Akindele
  4. Westwood Embroidery
    Contact: Carla Wilson