Vendor Information

In order to better regulate all District brand usage, WDMCS has an “Approved Vendor List,” from which all organizations using District brand elements must choose to work for branded designs and/or special-order products (e.g. apparel, signage, promotional products.) These vendors have completed the application process, been provided with WDMCS District brand guidelines, have access to brand files, and agreed to the terms for use. If a vendor advises an organization against using requested designs for any brand guideline reason, it is important to listen. If a vendor uses any design that goes against the agreed to brand guidelines terms and policies, the vendor may lose their approved vendor status. For any questions on special circumstances, vendors and/or organizations may contact the WDMCS School/Community Relations Department. See contact information in sidebar.

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Two Types of Vendors

Affiliated Vendors

Affiliated vendors work with approved district-sponsored activities or organizations to produce uniforms, apparel, promotional signs, or any other items using the District brand.

  • Affiliated vendors produce products for a district-sponsored activity/organization.
  • Affiliated vendors DO NOT produce products independently to sell in a store or online.
  • The district-sponsored activity or organization determines the price, distribution, and sale of the products, not the vendor.
  • Affiliate vendors must register annually through the vendor application process.
  • Affiliate vendors must annually sign an affiliate licensing agreement.

Non-Affiliated Vendors

Non-affiliated vendors may or may not work directly with any district-sponsored activity or organization AND are not associated with the District.

Non-affiliated vendors:

  • produce apparel, promotional signs, or other items independently and for vendor profit.
  • must pay a royalty percentage of all revenues received for the sale of goods and services tied to the WDMCS brand, as spelled out in the non-affiliate licensing agreement.
  • must register annually through the vendor application process.
  • must annually sign a non-affiliate licensing agreement.

Vendor Application Process

All vendors wishing to be included on the “WDMCS Approved Vendor List” must complete the application process. The application process includes:

  1. Complete Affiliate OR Non-Affiliate Vendor Application
  2. Sign Affiliate OR Non-Affiliate Licensing Agreement.
  3. Adhere to WDMCS brand guidelines.

Once WDMCS receives a vendor’s application, we will review their information and history of work, including their understanding and agreement to follow WDMCS and proof of ability to follow other organization’s/business’s brand guidelines. If we find they do not consistently follow provided brand guidelines, we have the right to refuse their acceptance as a WDMCS-approved vendor.

Once approved, vendors will be required to follow all current and updated brand guidelines issued by the District. If the WDMCS School/Community Relations Department finds any vendor is not following District brand guidelines, the vendor’s approval status may be revoked and the company will be removed from the Approved Vendor List. The vendor may only re-apply for reinstatement as an approved vendor for the following school year with written explanation of changed procedures to comply with District guidelines. The application process begins the summer prior to the start of the school year.

All vendors applying for approved status will receive notice upon approval. Once they are approved, they will be added to the WDMCS Approved Vendor List online for district groups to use. If a vendor does not yet appear on the online list, they are not approved to be used. 

Any vendor that produces materials using the District brands and is not a WDMCS Approved Vendor may be eliminated from consideration any time in the future. Any vendor that tampers with, or uses District brand elements in any way other than outlined in the WDMCS District brand guidelines, will be eliminated from consideration as an approved vendor in the future. In both cases, vendors may be subject to legal action on behalf of WDMCS.

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