Lending Library

Available Titles

Checkout Policy

Books will be available for check-out at the WELPP meetings. Books should be returned at the next WELPP meeting. An e-mail reminder will be sent one week prior to due date.

Book Donations

The depth of our lending library is dependent upon donations from WELPP members. Book donations are greatly appreciated and can be made at WELPP meetings. Please feel free to donate a book(s) of your choice or choose a book(s) from our Lending Library Wish List to purchase and donate. Monetary donations will also be accepted and used to purchase books from the lending library Wish List. Information pertaining to making a monetary donation can be found under the “DONATE” section of this website.

Lending Library Contact

If you have specific questions about the lending library or would like to recommend books for the Lending Library Wish List, please contact our lending library coordinator, Pallavi Dukle. Please type “Lending Library” in the subject line of all e-mail correspondence.