School Improvement Advisory Committee

The WDMCS partners with our families and community members to create an outstanding learning environment for our children.

 About the Committee

The committee’s purpose is to study data that identifies any “gaps” between the education and environment that exists in our schools and our goals. It then makes recommendations to the Board of Education on:

  • Major educational needs
  • Student learning goals
  • Long-range goals
  • Harassment or bullying prevention goals, programs, training, and other initiatives
  • Multicultural, gender-fair issues, and gifted and talented initiatives

The recommendations this committee provides annually to the School Board make a difference in our district goals and direction. Additionally, issues and conversation around equity and diversity help us to have a greater knowledge and understanding of all students and families that are part of the WDMCS.


  • Mandy Abbas—parent
  • Sabrina Barber—teacher
  • Mike Beranek—teacher
  • Beth Brewer—district administrator
  • Beth Buelow—parent
  • Mari Bunney—parent
  • Marcia Carlson—teacher
  • Liz Cox—board member
  • Bernell Edwards—parent
  • Janelle Green—building administrator
  • Jennifer Hahn—community member
  • Jim Hall—parent
  • Thomas Hathaway—student
  • Claudia Henning—community member
  • Tyson Heuton—teacher
  • Mark Hillenbrand—community member
  • Sheila Hudson—teacher leader
  • Jill Caton Johnson, Ph.D.—board member
  • Graham Jones—building administrator
  • Jamia Jordan—student
  • Michelle Lettington—district administrator
  • Joe Libby, Ed.D.—district administrator
  • Vicky Long-Hill—community member
  • Del Marion—community member
  • David Maxwell—building administrator
  • Chris Nelson—community member
  • Henny Ohr—community member
  • Marshall Orsini—parent
  • Travis Ouverson—West Des Moines Police Department representative
  • Sanjita Pradhan—parent
  • Lisa Remy, Ed.D.—Superintendent
  • Danette Rieper—teacher leader
  • Shane Scott—district administrator
  • Carol Seid, Ed.D.—district administrator
  • Michele Soria—community member
  • Shubham Tayal—student
  • Eisha Tolson—student
  • John Villotti—building administrator
  • Erica Whittle—building administrator
  • LeMar Yeager—community member