School Improvement Advisory Committee

The WDMCS partners with our families and community members to create an outstanding learning environment for our children.

 About the Committee

The School Improvement Advisory Committee’s (SIAC) role is to learn about and discuss student achievement and community connections, as well as serve as the district’s equity committee. The committee’s role in this capacity is to learn about our diverse community and the needs of individuals and groups and to act as an advisory committee to district administration.
Iowa Code requires that the SIAC membership be approved annually by the School Board. The West Des Moines Community Schools SIAC membership includes parents, community members, teachers, students, and building and district administration. The following individuals are recommended to serve on the 2019-2020 SIAC.


  • Caroline Ash
  • Mike Beranek
  • Beth Buelow
  • Shawnice Cameron
  • Shannon Campbell
  • Marcia Carlson
  • Lori Emison Clair
  • John Clark
  • Nicole Clifton
  • Jill Croft
  • Jonas Cutler
  • Meredith Dohmen
  • Braeden Edwards
  • Alicia Emanuel
  • Jen Golay
  • Leigh Goldie
  • Jim Hall
  • Dustin Hemesath
  • Tyson Heuton
  • Mark Hillenbrand
  • Caryn Kelly
  • Michael Larsen
  • Michelle Lettington
  • Joe Libby
  • Leah Lingren
  • Lisa Locoh
  • Del Marion
  • Breck Menz
  • Clair Mraz
  • Chris Nelson
  • Marshall Orsini
  • Marlou Pieper
  • Brandon Pierce
  • Lisa Remy
  • Shane Scott
  • Carol Seid
  • Mike Sherman
  • Tamara Tjeerdsma
  • Erica Whittle
  • Two Board of Education Members