Student Achievement Report

The purpose of the Student Achievement Report is to provide information regarding student achievement to our community and the Iowa Department of Education (required by HF 2272).

This report focuses primarily on formal measures of student achievement such as standardized tests. The daily reality of how the WDMCS checks our student’s understanding and progress is much broader and deeper. Classroom teachers assess student learning every day in a multitude of ways, both formally and informally.

Classroom discussions, quizzes, portfolios, self-reflections, demonstrations, oral readings, homework, presentations, interviews, reports, projects, and tests are among the tools we use to gauge each student’s progress. Therefore, while the results of formal districtwide tests (as included in this report) provide helpful information, the limitations of such data should be noted from the outset.

WDMCS is committed to continually improving achievement for all students through enhanced instructional and assessment practices.

2016-17 Student Achievement Report