Photo demonstrating math in the WDMCS district.

Math Curriculum

WDMCS K-12 Math Vision

Students will be flexible thinkers who apply math concepts and skills while using tools strategically to make sense of relevant problems and persevere in solving them.

Math Practices for Students 

  1. I can solve problems without giving up.
  2. I can think about numbers in many ways.
  3. I can explain my thinking and try to understand others.
  4. I can show my work in many ways.
  5. I can use math tools and explain why I used them.
  6. I can work carefully and check my work.
  7. I can use what I know to solve new problems.
  8. I can solve problems by looking for rules and patterns.

Math Pathways 

The West Des Moines Community Schools math pathways and associated courses begin in seventh grade and are designed to meet Iowa Core Mathematics standards, adopted by the State Board of Education in 2010.

WDMCS Math Pathways 

Learn more about our high school courses in the Valley/Valley Southwoods Course Description Catalog. 

Course Description Catalog—Mathematics Department

See which math courses are offered at Valley High School for DMACC college credit. 

DMACC Career Advantage 

Iowa Core Math Standards

The Iowa Core Mathematics standards define what students should understand and be able to do in their study of mathematics. Iowa Core Mathematics Standards can be viewed at the Iowa Department of Education website.

View the Standards by Grade/Course

Iowa Core Parent Guides/Guía Para Padres

The Iowa Core Parent Guides (in English and Spanish) were developed to provide an overview of what students will learn by the end of each grade level as directed by the Iowa Core statewide academic standards.

Guides were developed for grades K-8 and high school. Each guide includes a brief overview of what students will learn, what their work may look like, and examples for helping your child at home.  

Iowa Core Parent Guides (English/en español)