Junior High Advanced Pathways

Advanced course options are available in English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies. Deciding to take an advanced class is a challenging and exciting decision to make. Most often the best decisions are made when they are well informed and considerate of as many sources of information as possible. Prospective students are encouraged to consider input from their parents/guardians, current and former teachers, counselors, and administration. Students should anticipate that Advanced courses are often conducted at a quicker pace with compacted learning experiences. Students should expect a rigorous learning environment. Detailed course descriptions can be found within Guides.

Please consider the following when weighing a decision to take an advanced class.

Key Learner Characteristics

  • High interest in learning academic subject at an advanced level
  • Positive attitude about engaging in challenging academic work both at school and outside of school
  • Successful managers of their time (able to multitask, to prioritize activities, to make deadlines, and to balance academic & extracurricular activities well)

Enrollment Considerations

  • A pattern of strong classroom performance
  • Supportive assessment performance examples: State Assessments (Iowa Assessments), Cognitive Abilities Test, Belin-Blank, and Summative Assessment Tools (Final Course Exams).
  • Student ability to self-advocate


Please download and print a self-assessment and include with your registration forms.