Zeros and Missing Work

If a student has a late submission of assessment evidence, teachers will mark it as an “M” for missing and calculate it as a failing score of 50% (50% is a symbolic percentage consistent with a 10-point differential between other grades on a 100-point scale). Once the assessment evidence is completed, the mark will be updated and will represent achievement of the content standards and learning targets.

In order to complete a course, students are required to submit evidence of learning. Due to the structure of reporting periods and opportunities to earn credit, there will need to be cut-off periods. If a student has not submitted critical evidence of learning related to priority standards and/or competencies, they may receive an “I” for incomplete for the course and risk the potential of not earning credit for the course if the evidence isn’t submitted.

Cheating and plagiarism will not be accepted. Students violating academic honesty will lead to parent communication, disciplinary consequences, and re-teaching of expected behaviors and use of resources. Students will be required to redo assessment evidence under supervision to gain an accurate evaluation of learning related to content standards.