Achievement & Behavior Reported Separately

Achievement grades should be determined based on individual achievement of the content standards (or equivalent standards) and learning targets. Students should not be penalized for requiring more time, resources, or support to demonstrate proficiency of a standard. Effort, participation, attitude and other essential life skills should not be included in grades but should be incorporated into learning with feedback for growth.

Essential Life Skills

Each of these life skills are integral in helping students succeed. These attributes are developed in students to help them become more effective learners. However, a student’s grade is not determined based on whether or not they are meeting these life skills.

  • Continuous Learning – Thoughtfully considers feedback and works toward accomplishing goals.
  • Collaboration – Interacts to work effectively and respectfully with diverse teams to accomplish a common goal or task.
  • Communication – Conveys ideas and information respectfully, purposefully, and effectively through multiple means.
  • Critical Thinking – Accesses and analyzes key information to develop, create, or innovate solutions to complex challenges.
  • Professionalism – Demonstrates learner readiness through self-regulation, responsibility, and integrity.