Translation Request Information

  • Thank you for your work to ensure all WDMCS families receive important information in a language they can understand!  

    Meaningful communication is an important goal, and our school-based Multilingual Family Engagement Specialist team is available on a limited basis to translate flyers, notices, and announcements for communication that is not used from year-to-year or has limited audience. For many translation needs, you may be able to find the resources you need through TransACT or another translation resource. There are also many things to consider before requesting translation including the benefits of interpretation vs. translation and the timeliness and longevity of written documents.

    We will work with you to simplify your messages and share them in a way that families understand and know what action may be required of them.

    Considerations Before Requesting Translation

    • Many families value face-to-face conversations more than a translated document.
    • There are opportunities during parent meetings and parent-teacher conferences when written documents in English could be translated orally through the use of an interpreter, allowing families to ask questions about and clarify information.
    • Not all parents and families are literate or have had academic experiences in their native language.
    • A phone call or text message might be more timely and effective.
    • Leveraging social media or technology to create a video or share information in a clear and concise manner.
    • Translation can be costly (25-50 cents a word), and a translated document with dates and times may quickly become outdated and unuseful.
    • Template documents, form letters, or TransACT can be more cost-effective for written translated information. 
    • If a document needs to be translated, use “plain English,”  simplifying the grammar, vocabulary, and content to communicate the essential information.

    How to Request Translation

    If you would still like to request translation, please use the WDMCS Translation Request formEmailed requests cannot be honored.    

    Requests will be monitored and completed based on need and availability.

    WDMCS Translation Request Form

Last Modified on August 5, 2021