Teacher Leaders

  • Whether it is in the arts, athletics, business, or education, coaches help enhance skills, build expertise, and nurture great performances.  Research shows that the greatest impact on student learning in school is the classroom teacher.  The West Des Moines Community Schools teacher leaders empower classroom teachers to enhance their professional practice.  In the end, this means helping every child in the classroom achieve even more.

    Teacher Leader Opportunities

    WDMCS offers many opportunities for professional development and leadership training. Please review the following teacher leader opportunities, which are listed in alphabetical order.

  • Building Equity Lead

  • Building Leadership Team (6/bldg)

  • Demonstration Teacher Coordinator

  • Demontration Teacher

  • District Leadership Team

  • Elementary Curriculum Lead

  • Elementary Instructional Coach

  • K-12/7-12 Curriculum Lead

  • Learning Supports/Family Engagement Coordinator

  • Mentor Teacher

  • Mentor Teacher Coordinator

  • MTSS Coordinator

  • Online Learning Coordinator

  • Project-Based Learning Network (formerly New Tech) Professional Learning Development Coach

  • Secondary Instructional Coach

  • Special Education Instructional Coach-Elementary

  • Special Education Instructional Coach-Secondary

  • Thought Partner Community Outreach Coordinator NT

Last Modified on March 5, 2021