Community Flyer Distribution

  • The West Des Moines Community Schools (WDMCS) is now partnering with Peachjar to provide digital distribution of important school and community information directly to parents. Formerly called “Virtual Backpack,” you will find information about activities from the WDMCS, WDMCS Community Education, district- or school-affiliated groups, and other community organizations. Please enjoy exploring these district and community opportunities for learning, enrichment, engagement, and fun!

    Peachjar Flyers

    Information for Parents

    Important information from your child’s school can now be viewed right from your smartphone! Flyers will be posted to each school’s website and can be accessed by clicking the Peachjar button on your school’s homepage. Additionally, if you’d like to begin receiving flyers in your email to stay up to date with your child’s school, please register:

    1. Visit the WDMCS Peachjar page.
    2. Click "My Account"  in the top right corner.
    3. Click "Register Now."
    4. Select account type “Parent/Family Provide.”
    5. Enter requested information; choose your school and/or district you wish to follow.

    Information for District Employees/Organizations

    To submit any other district-sponsored flyers, please email School/Community Relations. WDMCS reserves the right to deny the posting and/or distribution of any flyer.

    Information for Organizations

    Community organizations who wish to distribute information to parents can now do so through Peachjar. Promotional information may be distributed through the district as a courtesy to inform families of community activities, opportunities, and services available. WDMCS reserves the right to deny the posting and/or distribution of any flyer.

    To submit your flyer for approval, follow these steps:

    1. Visit the WDMCS Peachjar page.
    2. Click "My Account"  in the top right corner.
    3. Click "Register Now."
    4. Select account type “Program Provider.”
    5. Register your organization.
    6. Once your account is created, click “Send a Flyer” to submit your flyer for approval.
    7. Once approved, your flyer will be emailed to parents and posted on each school’s website.

    View pricing for community organizations

    Flyer Guidelines

    • Adhere to guidelines outlined in Board Policy 904.03 - Distribution of Information
    • Be age-appropriate for PK-12 students
    • Contain the name and contact information of the sponsoring entity
    • Include the following disclaimer: This is not a school publication, nor is it in any way endorsed or sponsored by any school district. This publication is being provided only to inform you of other available community activities and opportunities.
    • PDF format
    • 8.5" x 11"
    • Portrait orientation preferred
    • 1-4 pages in length
    • Under 50 MB in size
    • 12 pt minimum font size
    • Links embedded in the flyer PDF are not supported.

    Flyers should NOT:

    • Feature any religious symbols.
    • Promote a particular political candidate, party, or ballot.
    • Position the district on a side of a controversial issue.

    Community Free Accounts

    If your event or program is free with no enticement or encouragement for future fees, you may qualify for Peachjar’s Community Free program. This allows organizations to submit flyers for free posting. 

    To Join the Community Free Program

    • If you don’t already have a Peachjar account, please register as a Program Provider.
    • While logged in to your Program Provider account, fill out the Peachjar Community Free Program form.
    • Peachjar will review the submission. Organizations that qualify will see a “Community Free” button appear in their account.

    To Upload a Flyer Using the Community Free Button

    • Log in to your Peachjar account (or refresh the page if you are already logged in). 
    • Click on “Distribution.” 
    • Do NOT click on “Send and Post a Flyer.” This defaults to the traditional account and pricing.
      • Click the “Community Free” button and follow the steps to upload your flyer.
    • Peachjar will review “Community Free” flyers and send those that qualify to the district’s pending approval box.

    Please note: Programs that accept insurance, or informational events that highlight programs that require participation fees, do not qualify for free posting. If there are current or future costs associated with the event, then the Peachjar fees will apply. This is true regardless of 501c3 designation.


Last Modified on June 7, 2021