Approved Vendor List

  • WDMCS will post updated WDMCS approved vendors online by the last business day of each month. If a vendor has applied and has been approved, but is not yet posted on the online list, they are not approved for use unless the WDMCS School/Community Relations Department has provided notice otherwise. 

    2021-22 Vendor List

    We are currently updating our approved vendors for the 2021-22 school year. As vendors are approved, they will be added to this page.

  • Non-Affiliate Vendors

    (Alphabetical Order)

    Non-affiliated vendors may or may not work directly with any district-sponsored activity or organization AND are not associated with the District.

    • Produce apparel, promotional signs, or other items independently and for vendor profit.
    • Must pay a royalty percentage of all revenues received for the sale of goods and services tied to the WDMCS brand, as spelled out in the non-affiliate licensing agreement.

    1. Adcraft USA/Temples Sports
      Contact: Dan Sullivan
    2. AM Apparel
      Contact: Gina Campos
      Apparel, Team uniforms
    3. Competitive Edge, Inc.
      Contact: Kari Reiser
      Apparel, Trophies/Awards
    4. De Hamer Signs & Custom Apparel
      Contact: Doug De Hamer
      Apparel, Printing: large format, Signs of all types
    5. Outback Embroidery, LLC
      Contact: Tasha Schwingendorf
      Apparel, Team Uniforms
  • Contact School/Community Relations

    For any questions on special circumstances, please contact the WDMCS School/Community Relations Department.

    Laine Mendenhall-Buck
    Director of School/Community Relations

    Alexandra Wade
    Communications Specialist

    Nicole Wiegand
    Communications Specialist

Last Modified on May 5, 2022