Chromebook 1:1

  • The Chromebook 1-to-1 program in WDMCS issues each enrolled student in grades 3-12 a Chromebook for use with their academic studies. Chromebooks have become incredibly popular in schools across the country, largely because of their low cost and ability to meet the needs of students at all grade levels.

    Video Resources

    Click on any of the video links below to learn more about Chromebooks, Parent Portal by Securly, and how to set up parental controls.

  • Self-Harm/Cyberbullying Notifications

    Securly can also provide another layer of protection by monitoring students’ web searches. Securly uses an algorithm to identify potential inappropriate searches for things like violence or nudity.

    Web searches are monitored using a sophisticated machine learning and sentiment analysis algorithm. The database consists of thousands of words, phrases, and sentences that are categorized into different categories to help the engine identify the type of activity. Securly constantly updates their database to ensure that the engine is trained using as comprehensive a list of words, phrases, and sentences as possible. Terms related to self-harm or cyberbullying will trigger an immediate alert to parents.  

    SecurlyHome App screenshot

    These alerts are generated through the SecurlyHome app on your cell phone. If you are already a user of the SecurlyHome app, and you have notifications allowed, there is nothing more you need to do. If the Securly system detects self-harm activity, you will be notified on your phone. Clicking the notification will take you to the app, as demonstrated in the app screenshot to the right.

    If you currently do not use the app on your smartphone, please follow these instructions:

    1. Visit the App Store or Google Play on your device and download the “SecurlyHome” app.
    2. Once downloaded, log in to the app with the same email address that you receive your weekly web history reports.
    3. If you are asked about notifications, be sure to choose Allow.
    4. That’s it!
  • Chromebook Web Filtering

    The Chromebook is a learning tool both in the classroom and at home. The partnership between your child’s school and home extends beyond learning reading, writing and arithmetic.  Digital citizenship is an important part of today’s world, and helping your student become a positive role model in the digital world is an important part of the WDMCS Chromebook Program.

    To that end, WDMCS has chosen a web filtering company, Securly, which allows parents to receive weekly emails that contain their child’s internet activity. Securly also offers a feature that allows parents to choose to block more web content at home, such as social networking sites like Facebook.

    How do I sign up to receive this email?
    Parents are automatically enrolled in this service using on the email address that is listed in Infinite Campus. So to receive this weekly email, you must make sure your email address is current in Infinite Campus. If you are not receiving the email and your email is current in Campus, please and they can assist you.

    Can my spouse sign up to receive this email as well?
    Yes. If there was only one email address attached to your student inside of Infinite Campus, this is why your spouse is not receiving emails by default. To get your spouse signed up to receive emails, please add the email address to your Parent Portal of Infinite Campus.

    How do I opt out of this email?
    At the bottom of the email, there is an Unsubscribe button.

    I opted out, but now I changed my mind and would like to receive the email.
    No problem. Email and let them know that you had unsubscribed and you would like to be added back.

    I’m having trouble. Who do I contact?
    Parents can contact Securly directly at

Last Modified on December 18, 2020