Free and Reduced Meals

  • Student Fee Waiver

    If you qualify for free and reduced-price meals, you may also be eligible to have student fees waived or partially waived. Families who qualify for a waiver should fill out the online waiver form or contact their building principal for a waiver form. This waiver must be completed annually.

    2022-23 Fee Waiver Form

    NOTE: If you believe you may qualify for fee waivers, please DO NOT pay fees until you fill out 2022-23 fee waiver and free/reduced meal applications. These applications do not open until July.

Federal Income Eligibility Guidelines for School Year 2022-23 / Directrices e Elegibilidad de Ingresos Federales para el año escolar 2022-23

    Household Size Yearly Monthly Twice Each Month Every Two Weeks Weekly
    Tamaño del hogar Anual Mensual Dos por mes Cada dos semanas Semanal
    1 25,142 2,096 1,048 967 484
    2 33,874  2,823 1,412 1,303 652
    3 42,606 3,551 1,776 1,639 820
    51,338 4,279 2,140 1,975 988
    60,070 5,006 2,503 2,311 1,156
    68,802 5,734 2,867 2,647 1,324
    77,534 6,462 3,231 2,983 1,492
    86,266 7,189 3,595 3,318 1,659
    Each additional person/
    Cada persona adicional:
    8,732 728 364 336 168


Income Eligibility Guidelines

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.
  • Booster Pak Program

    WDMCS is partnering with the Food Bank of Iowa and Booster Pak to provide food programs in our district.  These programs are designed to increase a student's access to food on the weekends and school breaks when school breakfast and lunch are not available.  The food is provided through Pack or Pantry programs in each building.

    Here's how it works:

    1.  Each week, your student(s) will receive a sack filled with easy-to-prepare foods.

    2.  There is no fee for participating in the program.  Families are only asked to provide feedback on the program by fillng out surveys sent home with their student(s)

    3.  The programs operate 8/24/22 through 9/30/23

    To enroll your student(s) in the program, please complete the online registration form:

    Booster Pak Sign-Up

    Please contact your school counselor or Booster Pak ( if you have any questions or concerns.






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