• Chrome Extension, Marketplace App, Android App, and Other Software Approved for Use

    The chart below contains software that has been requested for review by WDMCS. This includes 5 types of software:

    1. Chromebook extensions
      • Chrome extensions are found in the Chrome Web Store. Extensions primarily add functionality to the Chrome web browser. Once installed, they can be found in the upper right of the Chrome browser. Extensions must be approved before being able to be used by students.
    2. Google Marketplace Apps
      • Marketplace Apps are found in the G Suite Marketplace. Apps primarily add functionality to individual products such as Docs, Sheets or Slides.  Once installed they can be found under the Add Ons menu of whatever service is being used (ie- Google Docs, Google Sheets, etc.)
    3. Android Apps
      • Android Apps are found in the Google Play Store. Some Android apps are able to be run on Chromebooks. There are special considerations with Android Apps, and not all of them work on Chromebooks.
    4. Windows software available in computer labs for students
    5. Online services that teachers may use in the classroom

    If you only want to view one type of software, you can filter out all the rest. So as an example, if you only want to view Chromebook Extensions that have been allowed, click the box on the left for Type of Software or App, hover over Chrome Extension, then click Only.  You will now only see the approved Chrome Extensions.

    Click here to make a request for a resource to be approved


Last Modified on April 19, 2023