Crisis Communications

  • The safety and well-being of your children is a top priority at the West Des Moines Community Schools. We are committed to supporting safe and welcoming learning environments where your child can connect, explore, and learn.

    The district has a comprehensive emergency management plan focused on planning, preparedness, response, and recovery. Some details about our response plans are not shared publicly, but we do want to let you know how we will communicate with you during an emergency or crisis.

    Crisis Communication from WDMCS

    WDMCS will provide ongoing communication to families and staff throughout an emergency. We will use our emergency notification system to alert and inform families as soon as accurate information is available. To receive a notification, make sure you have an Infinite Campus account and provide up-to-date contact information.

    • WDMCS will contact you according to your Infinite Campus contact preferences. This could include a phone call, text message, email, and/or an Infinite Campus inbox message.
    • The system will contact all preferred phone numbers and email addresses in Infinite Campus. This could include multiple family members and emergency contacts for each household.

    Information may also be provided on the district website and social media accounts and through local media outlets.


    During a crisis:

    • Check the official district communication channels listed above for updates.
    • Remain close to the phone or computer. We will send accurate information and instructions to your contact information in Infinite Campus.
    • Please do not call the school. It is essential to keep phone lines open so school officials can make outgoing emergency calls.
  • Crisis Communication with Your Child

    During an emergency, we understand the instinct for families and students to communicate with each other. WDMCS will not stop your child from contacting you in an emergency unless it is putting the safety of your child or others at risk.

    Here are some things to keep in mind when you are communicating with your child or other students and families during a crisis:

    • Remember that communicating accurate information takes time during a crisis. Please pay attention to official district and law enforcement messages, even if your child is able to contact you sooner.
    • We train our staff to help students communicate with their families when possible during a crisis. This may include sharing information and instructions for families.
    • Be thoughtful when sharing information. Please refer to and direct others to official information sources like the district website and statements from law enforcement.
  • Contact School/Community Relations

    For any questions on special circumstances, please contact the WDMCS School/Community Relations Department.

    Laine Buck
    Director of School/Community Relations

    Alexandra Wade
    Communications Specialist

    Erin Smith
    School/Community Relations Assistant

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