Using the WDMCS Brand

  • Thank you for your interest in the West Des Moines Community Schools (WDMCS) brand! To offer each group choices and direction for promoting their activities, we provide official brand guides, annually updated vendor lists, and step-by-step guidelines that: 

    • Streamline the brand project process for our activities, teams, parent groups, vendors, and other organizations.
    • Create a consistent, identifiable, and respected brand presence.

    Any project that uses district logos, name, or any other graphic associated with the district must start with a Brand Project Request Form and receive design approval. External groups and ALL vendors must sign annual licensing agreements with WDMCS, and all vendors must register with WDMCS each year.

Register for the Year

  • Vendor Registration >

    District-Sponsored and External Groups

    Which kind of group am I? 

    District-sponsored groups include activities, sports, clubs, etc.: 

    • That WDMCS directly supports financially.
    • That are officially offered through the district. 
    • Examples: Parent groups, booster clubs, co- and extracurricular activities, and teams.  
    • You do NOT need to register, but you DO need to submit a Brand Project Request form for every project.

    External groups include activities, sports, clubs, etc.: 

    If you are not sure whether your organization is district-sponsored or external, email the School/Community Relations Department at for clarification.

Start a Project

  • Project Steps

    1. Submit a Brand Project Request Form for EVERY WDMCS project, including uniforms, apparel, and signs. Either YOU or your approved vendor must fill this out for every project. Ultimately, it's up to the vendor to confirm this step is completed.

    2. You will receive a confirmation email with an approval number once your project is approved. This number also verifies you can move forward with the design. Please send the approval number to the vendor you intend to use for the project. The vendor must include this approval number in the email they send to the design review contact. This approval number ties the project to the design. 

    3. Once WDMCS approves the project request, select a vendor from the current year’s Approved Vendor list
      • If you are working with an online vendor like Vistaprint or Custom Ink, contact the School/Community Relations Department for guidance.

    4. Groups and vendors work together to follow the official brand guidelines outlined in the WDMCS and school-specific style guides. This includes logos, colors, and fonts. If a vendor advises an organization against using requested designs for any brand guideline reason, it is important to listen. 

    5. Submit all designs to WDMCS’ design review contact for approval prior to ANY project moving forward.

    6. Once WDMCS’ design review contact approves your designs, move forward and complete your project!

SCR Branding Contact Information

  • Questions about the WDMCS brand process? Please reach out to School/Community Relations.

    Laine Buck
    Director of School/Community Relations

    Alexandra Wade
    Communications Specialist

    You may also communicate with Letterman Creative, a WDMCS partner in the brand management process. Creative Director Adam Jensen and Business Development Director Andrea Love both work closely with WDMCS School/Community Relations to manage the district’s brand and may communicate with groups and vendors about registration, projects, and designs.

Last Modified on June 27, 2023