2021 Scholars Presentations graphic.

Scholars Presentations 2021

  • In lieu of face-to-face presentations this year, Scholars Candidates have submitted videos that highlight their Scholars Capstone journey. Students provide a description of the project and why they chose it, discuss struggles and what they learned, talk about memorable moments and highlights, etc. 

    Music Scholar candidates submitted videos of their senior recitals. Some recital videos could not be posted due to copyright guidelines, so digital programs are provided below.

    Scholars seek feedback from family, friends, and community members. Please share your thoughts and questions. Scholars will receive your feedback and are encouraged to provide individual responses.

    Scholar Capstone Presentation Feedback 2021

  • Alex Bray—Science Scholar Candidate

  • Anna Behrens—Social Studies Scholar Candidate

  • Bailey Walke—Math and Science Scholar Candidate

  • Clara Mintzer—World Languages Scholar Candidate

  • Dorothy Junginger—Music Scholar Candidate

  • Elaine Greer—Math Scholar Candidate

  • Ella Bishop—Music Scholar Candidate

  • Greta Dahlen—Math Scholar Candidate

  • Jack Nelson—Math Scholar Candidate

  • Jewel Peter—Language Arts Scholar Candidate

  • Joe Maxwell—Music Scholar Candidate