2021 Honors Presentations graphic.

Honors Presentations 2021

  • Honors candidates have worked towards this presentation throughout their high school years by taking a rigorous set of courses and completing their capstone project. Due to Covid-19, Honors students have prepared video presentations to share about their projects and accomplishments.

    The Honors candidates would appreciate feedback over their presentations and their journey. Please share your thoughts and questions. The students look forward to hearing from you!

    Honors Capstone Presentation 2021 Feedback

  • Aditi Tripathy

  • Ashwin Dervesh

  • Braeden Edwards

  • Clara Mintzer

  • Dorothy Junginger

  • Isabella Dobrinov

  • Jalyn Wu

  • Jewel Peter

  • Lucy Weis

  • Michelle Zhang

  • Pradyumna Dahal

  • Risha Shetye

  • Sean Eddy

  • Shipra Tayal

  • Veda Amalkar

  • Vidya Iyer