• All transcript requests are to be submitted online.

    Student Records/Transcript Request

    Faxes, phone calls, emails, and mail will no longer be accepted.

    Some requests will incur fees that are listed on the start page of the order process.

    Currently enrolled students receive two free transcripts; each transcript requested after that is $5, plus a $3 fee per transaction, regardless of the number sent. It is advisable to have transcripts sent directly to the college office of admission; they will match it up with your application. Email verification will be sent to the student when the transcript has been processed. If the student applies using Common App or SENDedu, a transcript is uploaded and attached by the counselor, so there is no need to request a separate transcript be sent.

    At the end of the senior year, students will be assessed regarding the destination for the final official transcript. There is no fee for the final transcript; all will be sent by the third week in June. Unless there is a change in schooling plans after the student has graduated, there is no need to contact the registrar to confirm that the final transcript has been sent.

Last Modified on March 11, 2021