Grading Overview

  • Advanced Placement courses are weighted by 1.0 quality points. The grading system follows:

    AP Courses

    • 5.0=A
    • 4.0=B
    • 3.0=C
    • 2.0=D
    • 0=F

    All Other Courses

    • 4.0=A
    • 3.0=B
    • 2.0=C
    • 1.0=D
    • 0=F

    Semester Assessments

    The semester assessment schedule will be established based upon the official school calendar. Each assessment will be 90 minutes in length. Dual-enrollment courses for DMACC credit cannot be waived.

    Honors Diploma students and Scholarship Distinction students must take final exams in all required courses in that program.

    Course Competency Exam

    The Course Competency Exam does not give credit but merely advances the student.

    Repeating a Course for Grade

    A student may retake a Valley High School, Valley Southwoods, or Walnut Creek Campus course at any site. Both grades will be shown on the transcript, and the highest grade will be used in the GPA. Credit for a course can be awarded only once, and a student cannot gain additional credit or lose credit by repeating a course where credit was already earned.


    Students may choose to take any course not offered for DMACC credit on an audit (no credit-no grade) basis. This option may not be applied to any of the 5.5 required credits each semester. The audit decision must be made prior to the semester in which the course is taken.

Additional Resources

  • Dropping/Adding a Course

  • Pass/No Pass

  • Eight-Credit/Period Day

Last Modified on March 11, 2021